Honolulu: Flight Attendant Day in the Life

Sometimes a girl just doesn’t want to vlog every single thing. Sometimes a flight attendant’s layover isn’t that glamorous or exciting. Layovers are actually designed not to allow flight attendants to explore their destinations but give them just enough to time to rest before they fly again. Two days ago I flew into Honolulu, Hawaii for the first time and paired with a strict budget … Continue reading Honolulu: Flight Attendant Day in the Life

Favorite Vegan Cosmetic #WorldVeganDay

Today is world vegan day! In honor of the lifestyle that exposed me to animal rights, to it’s environmental impact, and the wonderful recipes I eat daily; I want to share with you all my favorite cosmetics. Though I do not eat a vegan diet full time now, I do firmly believe in vegan cosmetics. There is absolutely no need for any animal to be … Continue reading Favorite Vegan Cosmetic #WorldVeganDay

Where Does Spirituality Fall in a Modern Lifestyle?

Is it okay to write a blog on spirituality while listening to a band called “The Wrecks”? Let’s put this post into quick context: I am sipping an hour old rose tea latte, in a towel, fresh from a shower/bath, listening to what we can loosely call pop-punk on Spotify and reflecting on the magnificence of my life. I’m not trying to be a braggart … Continue reading Where Does Spirituality Fall in a Modern Lifestyle?

Romance in Banff on a Budget

It’s fall which means winter is coming to Canada! Like many, I just adore Canada in the winter; images of Anne of Green Gables, peaceful isolation amongst falling snow, and cozy cuddling in front of the fire. So enthralled with this image I planned a romantic vacation, with a now ex-boyfriend, through Calgary and then to Banff. Though our romance didn’t last I still list … Continue reading Romance in Banff on a Budget